Spineless Europe A Backgrounder

Radio Farda: Iran Spends Subsidized Foreign Currency To Import Cigarettes Rather Than Medical Supplies

The Guardian: Trump allies' visit throws light on secretive Iranian opposition group

The Guardian: Failure of Iran deal could pose ‘existential threat’, says Hunt

Politico: Bijan Kian faces trial in belated test for Mueller team

youtube: Will Republicans condemn Trump's attacks on Dem congresswomen?

Reuters: U.S. grants visa to Zarif for U.N. meeting this week

CBC: Newly leaked memo

BBC: Iran nuclear deal

BBC: Inside Iran

Pen America: Points of Entry: Writers on the Border

nbcnews: Drop in Chinese imports of U.S. goods shows trade war damage spreading - The art of f*&king up everything

dailymail: Trump axed Iran deal to spite Obama - people deserve the leaders they have

Reuters: Gibraltar Police Release All Crew Members Of Detained Iranian Tanker

Middle East Monitor: Israel preparing for war with Iran, military wings in next 2 years

Gay Star News: Sweden rejects asylum for gay teen who fears execution in Iran

The Hill: Trump's critical miscalculation on Iran A Threat to Peace

latimes: Trump called Oakland mayor a ‘disgrace’ for revealing ICE raids. Then he did the same thing. - Disgrace is the way he is treating families and children

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